Um, so, I think I have depression.

But, you know, I kind of don’t want to only think I have it. I mean, it might just be something that I have to get through as a teen. Like a phase. & the fact that I see endless comments & posts about things like this, well, makes me think that it’s almost even normal to feel like that. 

& I don’t want to be exactly told, Oh, you’re not depressed at all, you just don’t do crap & let everything walk all over you. Right, that would just help my self-esteem.

& this is coming after a horrible day, but let’s face it, when is there a good day anymore? & the fact that I don’t feel wanted anywhere.

Or maybe I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill & am just imagining things. Or I just extremely fail at life.

I don’t know anymore.

  1. hayquesonarestanoche said: I think it’s normal to get depressed sometimes. I haven’t really been feeling my best either, but I have my moments. Try to focus on you and what makes you happy. You’re not alone, and things do get better eventually. (:
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